Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yoga and the Elderly

Paying for a yoga class would be a wonderful holiday gift to give any loved one but especially an older relative. Yoga contributes to healthy bones, balance, mental health and overall strength and flexibility.
There are lots of books available on this topic. I like this one because it has chapters on arthritis, hip replacement surgery, Parkinson's disease, healthy hears and memory impairment.

I also like Peggy Gardiner's book Yoga at the Kitchen Sink. Written from an occupational therapist's perspective. More information at:
Here is a good laught!

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  1. I wrote my book, "Yoga at the Kitchen Sink," with my OT patients and chair yoga students because we couldn't find a yoga book that was simple and incorporated the adaptations that should be made for people with arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses. Furthermore, there are few yoga books where the people doing the yoga postures look like the average senior.
    What I have discovered is that lots of children who want their parents to do yoga have found the book is a great gift. It is something that elders can pick up and follow.
    I have also used the book in a fall prevention class that I teach at a community senior center. I am happy to send along a brochure that we made with additional information. Thanks Barbara for your interest.