Monday, October 26, 2009

Visual Stimulation and Alzheimer's Disease

During the early stages when my mother was becoming less active and less able to hold a conversation- she still enjoyed looking at photographs, watching videos of her favorite musicals such as Fiddler on the Roof and looking at interesting visual objects such as an aquarium.
As the disease progressed-she was unable to enjoy actually looking at objects because she had her eyes closed more and more. Whatever she did look at, I needed to hold in front of her face and encourage her to open her eyes. However, when she was still able to look around her nursing home room, I bought and positioned an artificial aquarium near her bed. She enjoyed that for a while until she stopped attending to nearby objects. This fake aquarium is electric and has moving bubbles and fish. I bought mine at CVS for about 12 dollars.

Between now and New Years I am going to focus on objects, services and activities that one might purchase or provide as a holiday gift for a person with memory impairment. If you have one that you find particularly useful-please describe it on my blog.
FYI, I just saw the movie Julie and Julia, loved it and just like the character Julia-would love to know if anyone in the blogosphere is reading this.

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