Monday, October 12, 2009

Adorable Photographs of Our Baby

As individuals with memory loss gradually lose the ability to read, looking at familiar and easy to interpret photographs becomes an increasingful enjoyable and important recreational activity. The simple pictures on the following page can be printed, inserted inside page protectors and used to make a book with a 3 ring binder. Some individuals will be able to read the simple large print captions; whereas, other may benefit more from a 2-3 word title written below each picture to identify what it is.
Home Made Picture book
Susan Berg's boook Adorable Photographs of Our Baby makes looking at simple photographs fun and easy. Berg is an occupational therapist and activities director in a nursing home and used her expertise to create a book that can be used by staff and family members to stimulate the patient with memory impairment. Her book includes:
  • Tips on how to relate to someone with memory impairment
  • Suggestions on how to use the photographs as part of games, to stimulate conversation and calm a person down
  • Ways to use the photographs in an activity group
Learn more about this book and Susan Berg's work at: Alzheimer's Ideas

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