Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sensory gifts

During the late stages of Alzheimer's disease my mother enjoyed listening to music and holding sensory objects. She particularly enjoyed objects that vibrated or were heavy, cuddly or made sounds. Here are suggestions for objects that might make nice gifts:
  1. The baby water mat shown at the bottom of this blog. My mother enjoyed the feel of this on her lap.
  2. A massaging/vibrating pillow, snake or massager that fits inside the hand.
  3. Holiday cards that played music when opened up.
  4. Beanie Babies
  5. Koosh balls
  6. Fidget toys like a chain of Links
  7. Stuffed animals that made sounds when squeezed
  8. Soft pieces of fabric tied together to fidget with
  9. Socks filled with sand or pennies, packing peanuts, marbles. Sew the ends closed.
  10. Plastic plants

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